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Trip Friction
The key to a travel program's business impact

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What's The Goal?

Travel budgets are spent to buy positive business outcomes, right?

So there needs to be a good balance between the cost of travel, and ensuring travelers are willing and able to get good trip results.

Traveler friction is the accumulated wear and tear on road warriors.

Too much of this, and your travelers won't bring back successful trip results. Studies (here and here) show that traveler-friendly programs

  • Deliver 22% more trips rated worthwhile

  • Have 12% fewer trips rated not worthwhile

  • Have travelers that are more willing to travel

  • Have road warriors who are less interested in job offers​

Road warriors considering a new job say that the company's travel policy is at least as important as the pay and responsibilities. If your industry is facing talent shortages, your travel program must be designed to attract, protect and retain road warriors.

Do traveler-friendly programs cost more?

Yes, but that's the wrong question.  The right one is "Are the higher costs easily justified?"

A good place to start is by benchmarking your travel program's business risk factors and their underlying causes.

Trip Friction Benchmark Grades

Find out today how much traveler friction your program has. Use our Trip Friction benchmark reports to improve

  • Traveler engagement

  • Traveler productivity

  • Traveler health & safety

Use our Business Goals report to have a strategic conversation with your leadership team.  Just ask them what their priorities are, and if they are happy with the current grades.

Air Clarity builds Trip Friction benchmarks for over 2,000 ARC-identified corporate programs.

Learn more about our Trip Friction benchmark reports by registering below, or see some reports and pricing here.

Business Goals Report

Trip Friction is tClara's registered trademark for measuring traveler friction.

Learn more about traveler friction at Gillespie's Guide to Travel + Procurement

Screenshot of a Trip Friction report showing grades A-F on several dimensions of traveler friction

These two reports are part of our All Markets Benchmark Report package.

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tClara provides all benchmarks and analytics "as is", with no warranty, implied or otherwise, as to their accuracy

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