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tClara provides advice, thought leadership, and innovation to business travel industry stakeholders.


Scott Gillespie, tClara's founder and CEO, is an industry-leading expert on travel strategy, carbon emissions, justifiable travel, traveler friction, and trip valuation. He developed Trip Tester, the industry's groundbreaking pre-trip assessment tool, and has authored several influential white papers, most recently "The Justified Business Trip".

Scott has provided travel-focused consulting and training services to many of the Fortune 500 firms, all the major airlines in North America, and the U.S. government.

Scott began his travel industry consulting career while at Kearney, the global management consulting firm where he was a principal in the Cleveland office. He was the firm's global subject matter expert on travel sourcing.


In 1999 he founded Travel Analytics to specialize in airline sourcing engagements for the Fortune 500. It quickly became one of the industry's largest independent travel procurement consultancies, and was acquired in 2006 by what is now Concur, a unit of SAP.  In 2007 Scott led TRX's development of an award-winning airline CO2 emissions model.

Scott joined ARC in 2018 to develop ARC's data strategy, and then led ARC's Innovation and Analytics team, where he designed and managed a variety of data science projects, championed ARC's development of its omnichannel strategy, and led its venture investments.


He holds an MBA from the University of Chicago and is the author of a U.S. patent covering airline bid analysis.

Scott is a featured speaker at travel industry events worldwide and is the author of Gillespie's Guide to Travel Innovation. He welcomes connections on LinkedIn.

tClara, Trip Friction, and Trip Tester are registered trademarks of tClara LLC. Air Clarity is our service mark.  tClara LLC is a Delaware corporation.

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