Less Travel, Better Results

Choose this travel strategy if these goals:

  • More successful trips

  • Healthier, safer travelers

  • Better retention of road warriors

  • Less travel-related CO2 emissions

  • Fewer business trips

Are more important than these goals:

  • Reducing business trip prices

  • Taking more business trips

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Build a Business Case for This Strategy

Gillespie's Travel Policy Impact Model
User's Guide for Gillespie's Travel Policy Impact Model

Use this simple Excel model and its companion guide to build a highly credible business case for this strategy.

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Relevant Research

A deep dive into the merits of meeting in person compared to meeting virtually.  Includes significant findings and their implications for business travel.

Based on a survey of 522 US-based business leaders.

A fact-based assessment of how travel policies can improve trip success, traveler health, and road warrior retention, among other benefits.

Based on a survey of 757 US-based road warriors, defined as spending at least 35 nights away from home on business in the last 12 months.

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