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Introducing Carbon Temperature

A new metric for tracking airline decarbonization

Charcoal blue sketch of a female airline pilot's head and shoulders next to the title "The Coolest Airline"
Interior page showing a table of airline names, carbon emissions growth,  carbon intensity, and

This new metric combines the methods of measuring the changes in an airline's absolute emissions and carbon intensity.

Having one metric, scaled for easy interpretation, makes for a handy way to track each airline's progress toward decarbonization.

A headline title says "We need a better CO2 Metric. Here It Is" with the business travel news logo and dated july 21 2022
A slide titled "Fair warning - airline rankings are very different when using this new KPI. Shows a table of 10 US-based airlines and their data points and rankings using four CO2-related metrics.
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The Best and Worst Travel CO2 Metrics

A picture showing an airid landscape under a blue sky with a few clouds. The title says "The Travel Industry's Worst KPIis Bad for the Climate. Let's replace it with a much better one.

A provocative case for adopting a new KPI for aligning climate-related travel decisions. Includes analyses of US airline CO2 data from 2016 through 2021, courtesy of Flight BI.

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