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The Skogluft Scale


A Scope 3.6 Carbon Maturity Assessment

For Business Travel Emission Reduction Initiatives

A photo of a steamy lake with a green forest in the background
A crystal-clear starry night above a wintry forest
A sample title page for the Skogluft Report with a budding pinecone in the background

Best taken by those (very) familiar with their organization's Scope 3.6 business travel emission reduction initiative.

Respondents must have a Scope 3.6 goal in place. Requires name, organization and a work email. All data remains confidential.

Skogluft is Swedish for forest air

A bar chart showing the five levels of carbon maturity, next to a table showing the scales key parts and weights.

Scott Gillespie and Joel Hanson developed the Skogluft Scale in consultation with well-known business travel leaders. It accelerates the reduction of business travel emissions by identifying meaningful steps to carbon emissions maturity.

Learn more about carbon budgets and how to use them to reduce Scope 3.6 business travel emissions.

Skogluft Scale (TM) and Skogluft Scale Report (C) 2024; S. Gillespie and J. Hanson

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