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Fair Market Share

Essential Data for Air Spend Analysis

Fair Market Share, aka FMS or QSI, is the key to understanding airline fit across your travel footprint. Travel buyers need trustworthy FMS data to

  • Measure airline and alliance capacities

  • Assess contract market share goals

  • Understand the overlap between any two airlines

  • Estimate an airline's negotiating power

  • Quantify the degree of support given to any airline

  • Build preferred supplier scenarios


tClara provides accurate, timely and unbiased FMS data covering most every scheduled city pair worldwide.

Our FMS calculations take into account

  • Worldwide flight schedules

  • Aircraft gauge

  • Connection windows

  • Interline factors

  • Acceptable circuity limits

  • Directionality

Sample FMS Results

Airline Fair Market Share FMS QSI

Ordering FMS is easy...just send us a list of airport pairs (no city codes), and we'll send you the results in an Excel file.


$500 for the first 100 airport pairs

$400 for the next 100 airport pairs

$300 for the next 300 airport pairs

Need more than 500 airport pairs?  Will quote.

Send inquiries and orders to or call 216 272 1637

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