Research Report

Meeting Mode Risks and Benefits

Analysis of virtual versus in-person modes for small group meetings


  • The in-person meeting mode is strongly preferred for 6 of 8 meeting purposes

  • Virtual meetings carry much more risk of causing 17 of 20 negative outcomes

  • Travel budgets are forecast to shrink significantly

Use this report to

  • Design more effective meetings

  • Justify in-person meetings and business travel

  • Help set travel and event budgets

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What's Inside

Survey findings from 272 US-based business managers and executives.

Key analyses include:

Meeting mode preferences for sessions designed

  • To influence, persuade or sell

  • To challenge, defend or negotiate

  • To inform, update or share

  • To create, design or ideate

  • To analyze, evaluate or forecast

  • To decide, prioritize or plan

  • To motivate, coach or build teamwork

  • To teach, train or learn

Meeting mode risks for 20 negative outcomes including

  • Ineffective selling or negotiating

  • Weak consensus or commitment

  • Lost attention

  • Poor decisions

  • Insufficient building of trust

  • Low tolerance of diverse views

  • Ineffective leadership

  • Uninspired ideation

         and risk assessments of 12 other negative outcomes

Causes of resistance to in-person meetings and factors that would reduce these barriers

Forecasted changes in travel budgets, 2021 vs 2019

Forecasted shift away from in-person meetings, 2021 vs 2019

Benchmarks for meeting frequency, type and effectiveness


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