Project Gather
Unbiased justifiability ratings for any business trip

Let's face it, virtual meetings are convenient, low-cost and nearly carbon-free.  They've become the default meeting mode during the pandemic, with good reason.

But as our Covid anxieties recede, we'll have much more interest in meeting in person.  The question will be

"Should we meet in person for this?"

If the meeting requires a business trip, the default answer may well be "No, just do it by Zoom.  We'll save money, time and carbon emissions."

How do you get past that? Good luck trying to pencil out a credible pre-trip ROI case.  The better lens is risk versus reward.  Focus first on the risks of doing the meeting virtually and then judge if the meeting's desired outcome is important enough to justify the in-person approach.  That's what the Project Gather tool helps you do.

Next, answer a few important questions about you and this meeting.

Project Gather uses your inputs and its standard grading logic to assign a justification rating to the trip.

Corporate administrators can control the grading logic to make it easier or harder to justify trips.

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