Insights and Ideas for
Managing Business Travel In a New Era

Travel Program Optimization -
Achieving Travel's Strategic Value

A GBTA Education Session
Aug. 16th, 2022

0:40   We don't "optimize"

3:40   We need a new strategy

9:00   "Less travel, better results"

14:05   Evidence of strategic value

20:25   The power of demand mgmt.

24:21   The need for better trip quality

30:45   Procurement implications

A Radically Better Way
of Managing Business Travel

Presented to a live audience of ~450 travel buyers and suppliers.

~90% were "intrigued" by these ideas.

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What drives business travel?

A road warrior's value chain

Selected white paper findings

Managing travel strategically

Why business class is the greener choice

The Carbon Intensity KPI

A travel strategy scorecard

Selling travel's strategic value

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10 Principles for Justifying Business Travel

5 New Business Travel Technologies We'll Use in 2031

~17,000 views   ~70 likes,


1) Pre-trip Ratings at the 1:59 mark

2) Rich Universal Traveler Profiles at 4:00

3) Travel as a Strategy at 5:34

4) Edit Rights, aka Permissable Servicing by TMCs at 7:20

5) Airline Discounts Tied to Profit Margins at 8:30

Better Ways to Measure Travel's CO2

A provocative case for adopting a new KPI for aligning climate-related travel decisions. Includes analyses of US airline CO2 data from 2016 through 2021, courtesy of Flight BI.

~7,000 views   ~40 likes,


Stockholm Environment Institute evaluated three airline CO2 models and endorsed the one developed by Scott Gillespie and Tom Tomosky. Read this paper to understand the deep analytical approaches used by these models circa 2007.

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Travel Management

The Case for Goal-based Travel Management

Traveler Friction

The cost of traveler friction must be factored into travel policies.

Learn more about traveler friction here.

A GBTA Education Session
Aug. 16th, 2022

How Should We Meet?

0:40    Conflicting forces at work

1:45    About the whitepaper

4:10    The value of meeting in person

8:20    5 decision-making lenses

14:47  A meeting culture lens

18:00  New travel-related priorities

21:10  "Less travel, better results"

30:00  Nee for more prescriptive signals

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On The
Future of Business Travel

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Travel Policies
Mean Better
Business Results

This 19-page white paper shows how to improve trip success rates and reduce attrition risks among frequent travelers.

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Managed Travel 2.0

The catalyst for omnichannel booking strategies.

Learn more here.

Hotel Clusters

The catalyst for hotel re-shopping services.

Learn more here.

Why TMCs Need
a Dramatically Different
Sales Approach

~2,000 views   ~100 likes,

~40 reshares