Serving the Business Travel Industry

Winning Over the Road Warriors


Road warriors make up about 50% of all business travel spend. They'll drive business travel's post-Covid recovery. So it's clear that you need to win more than your fair share of this critical crowd's travel wallet.

Competition for this prized market will be incredibly intense. Beyond the obvious health and hygiene initiatives and feel-good marketing messages, what else must you do?

And how will you know if your actions are working? How will you know if you're really getting more than your fair share of this vital market? Wouldn't you like a robust feedback loop that gives you the hard truth?

An intriguing analytical innovation is at hand.


Ready when you are.

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Seeing The Whole New Picture

Travel Buyers

Covid-19 has accelerated the shift in your focus from trip cost to traveler care, hasn't it?

Combine that with the dramatic shift to virtual work, and you're wondering what this means for the modern corporate travel program.

The implications are profound, especially with regard to the:

  • New sources of value that must be created in a post-Covid world

  • New role of the corporate travel manager

  • New priorities for travel procurement

  • New pillars of a travel policy

  • New tracking and safety technologies

  • New questions about direct booking

  • New relationship dynamics with stakeholders in HR, Risk, Security

  • New urgency of integrating meetings technology

 It's a lot to sort out, with precious few guideposts. The challenge is how to use the Covid crisis to build a significantly stronger, better and more valuable travel program than the one you had.

Yes, it can be done.


Re-Thinking the TMC's Mission


You're in good company, given that all  your fellow TMC execs are struggling with the same questions:

  • What will the recovery of business travel look like?

  • What kinds of commercial models will make sense?

  • How do we re-configure our cost base?

  • Which technology investments make the cut?

  • What will corporate buyers expect from TMCs - and how can we differentiate ourselves?

Fundamentally, you're asking what will the TMC's new mission be, and what are the key strategies that will achieve that mission?

Great questions deserve great answers.